About CloudAcademy.com

Cloud Academy is a continuous training solution that provides online training in 140+ countries worldwide. We measure everything we do and we help our customers getting track of their progress, so they use Cloud Academy to learn new skills, to achieve better positions in their companies and to start new challenging projects. We provide training with different tools and technologies: video courses, an adaptive learning system within our quizzes and explanations and real hands-on labs. Our customers are big enterprises (Deloitte, Accenture, CSC etc.), small businesses looking at Cloud Academy as a solution to keep their tech teams updated, and thousands of individuals who want to unlock the Cloud potentials, becoming experts on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and many other Cloud solutions.

Our Headquarters are in San Francisco. We are backed by top ventures firms in Silicon Valley and have offices in San Francisco and Mendrisio (Switzerland, Ticino).

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